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First, a simple about me post…

My name is Adam Boeglin, I use the name Adam B. on most forums (creative, I know). I’m a true gadget geek. I have an obsession with technology and electronics. My new, favorite device is the iRex iLiad ebook reader. I first purchased the device because of my distaste for paper, and all things not digital. The iLiad allows me to read and organize documents without having a desk and drawer full of paper.

I’ve only recently started using Linux full time. I’ve dabbled in linux since I was 16 or so, but about 3 years ago I found Ubuntu. It was the only linux distro that made enough sense to stick with. I’ve done a little bit of programming since high school. Mostly basic stuff in VB, C++, and Java. I can understand and modify most code I run into. What I don’t know how to do, I can research and pick up as I go.

A few months ago I was frustrated with not being able to read my many CHM files on my iLiad. It seemed the best program in which to do that was FBReader. After a lot of research and help from both MobileRead and the Irex Forums, I was able to get a working version. This was the first application I had ever ported. Eventually I added a bit of polish, and it’s turned into a very usable document reader for the iLiad, that solves almost all of it’s format support shortcomings.

I’m still learning, and I’m always willing to accept help and suggestions. I truly love my iLiad, and I want it to perform at it’s full potential.