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Troubleshooting Coldfusion When the Instancemanager Won't Load.

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I ran into a problem where I was unable to create new instances because the ColdFusion instance manager wouldn’t load when I clicked link.


It would just sit in a “loading” status.  Restarting the coldfusion9multi server didn’t help.  Here’s how to debug.

  • Find the process id if the coldfusion instance manager
  • ps axu | grep cfusion | grep jrun | grep -v grep | awk ‘{print $2}’
  • Find all established connections from that process ID
    • lsof -P -n | grep $pid | grep ESTABLISHED


  • Look for any established connections to the local IP that are duplicated or remain for more than a few seconds
  • Find the process using the port it’s trying to connect to.  This should be another coldfusion process that (likely) unresponsive

    • lsof -P -ni :2936
    • ps axu | grep $pid | grep -v grep blocking_connection
  • Kill that process

  • Repeat for any others

Viola!  Your Instance Manager should now load again.