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Display Markdown Text in a Termal

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I really like the idea of Markdown text.  Being able to write in a natural format and then quickly convert to HTML (or a PDF) appeals to me in a way that is difficult to explain.  I thought that Latex would solve this need, but it’s far too complex to use on a regular basis for simple documents.

Markdown does exactly what I want.  It’s simple, easy to learn, natural syntax makes creating documentation a breeze.  I also want to be able to quickly display text in a terminal (because who wants formatting marks when you’re actually trying to read something?).  There were a few solutions online, none of them I was happy with, so I’ve chained a few tools together, threw it in a shell script and off we go.

  • Download Markdown.

    • Copy to /usr/local/bin/Markdown
  • Make sure you have w3m installed

    • ‘sudo apt-get install w3m’
  • Download this Gist and place it somewhere in your $PATH

[inline] [script src=“”][/script] [/inline]

Doing so can quickly turn this:


To this: