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Minimo Installer

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I realize that I’ve neglected my blog for a while. I thought I would update it with some posts I’ve made. I get a bit of traffic from Google and places other than MobileRead, so it may help the people who stumble here.

If you want to surf the web on your iLiad, I think the best way to do it is with Minimo. It’s a Mozilla based web browser that uses a rendering engine similar to Firefox. It comes pre-installed on your iLiad, but is locked down in such a way that you can’t surf the web with it by default. I’ve made some changes to the chrome files (the user interface), added a launcher, a modified libX11 to perform screen refreshes, and some connection manager scripts. It works well enough so you can view full web pages on your iLiad. Javascript is a little slow, and you may sometimes run into a “script not responding” error. But if I tell it to continue, it’ll usually load just fine.

You can download the installation package and see some screenshots here: