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FBReader Port Coming Along Nicely

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My port of FBReader 0.8.10 is coming along very nicely. I’ve decided to go ahead with the limited functionality idea in order to speed up porting, and make it act more like a native iLiad application.

You can see what’s happening in the screenshot below:

FBReader is shown reading and epub book downloaded from

As you can see, it have FBReader start in full screen mode. This hides the unnecessary toolbars.
It gives you a status indicator, page count, and clock that will updates as you turn the page. Right now, it takes about 2.5 seconds to refresh. This is a little better than the older version. I’m hoping to increase the speed even further.

There are a few functions that can be used with key shortcuts:

  • Upper Left Button: Closes FBReader
  • Page Forward/Backword
  • Up & Down arrows short: Increase and Decrease Font
  • Dot Button: Go to the beginning of the document
  • Up & Down arrows Long Press: Next and Previous Table of Content Section
  • Dot Button Long Press: Open Table of Contents There are a few things left to do before I can publish the port. I’d like to save the configuration to /mnt/settings so that it won’t be lost when you perform an OS upgrade. Also, I need to create and test the installation package. I’ve reduced the file size enough so that it can easily reside on the internal memory (I think the package takes up about 2.5MB, I may be able to shrink it further).

I’m thinking about preparing a short video demonstrating FBReader and the iNewsStand application. These two programs really show off the iLiad’s potential and flexibility.