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Finally!: Integrated FBReader 0.8.14 With ePub and Registry Support

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It’s been about 6 months since my last port of FBReader. The talented FBReader developers have done a lot. The most important addition is the support for ePub books. You can view the full changelog at

I, myself, have done a lot of things different for this release as well.

  • I’ve removed the FBReader toolbar, and thus, disabled the internal library.
    • This was mostly done to speed up porting time. With the library removed, much less needed to be done to the code of the program to port it.
    • All refreshes are done internally. No hacked libX11 is used!
  • By default, FBReader will add supported file extensions to the registry
    • This makes FBReader act like any other viewer on the iLiad.
    • FBReader settings and configuration will be saved to /mnt/settings so a software update should not erase them.
  • The installer no longer requires a memory card, and will be installed to internal memory.
    • The internal memory of the iLiad has 7.8MB free after installing FBReader. It should not interfere with anything else installed internally.

Based on a support thread I made, file extensions supported are:

  • chm
  • rtf
  • oeb
  • opf
  • epub
  • fb2
  • tcr Because the toolbar is gone, most of the important functions can now be accessed by the hardware buttons:

  • Upper Left/Quit Button

    • Will cancel out of TOC screen, and will quit when inside the book.
  • Page Bar Forward
    • Short Press
      • Next Page
    • Long Press
      • Redo
  • Page Bar Backward
    • Short Press
      • Previous Page
    • Long Press
      • Undo
  • Up Arrow
    • Short Press
      • Previous TOC Section
    • Long Press
      • Increase Font Size
  • Dot or “Enter” Button
    • Short Press
      • Show Table of Contents
    • Long Press
      • Rotate Page
  • Down Arrow
    • Short Press
      • Next TOC Section
    • Long Press
      • Decrease Font Size

Installation of this is simple. You’ll need firmware 2.12 and Developer Shell access. Unzip the file, and copy anywhere on your iLiad. You will need to restart your iLiad when it prompts you. After you’ve restarted, you can delete the installation directory.

There will be no icon to run FBReader, you’ll need to select a book from the contentlister with one of the file extensions listed above.

Supported books will have a valid icon.

You can find the release and discussion at MobileRead: