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New Domain and My Porting Philosophy

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I’ve got my domain name back. I had hoped that the current registrar would let go of it when it expired, but they held on to it so I was forced to update it again through them. I was hoping I could get it through someone else for cheaper. Oh well.

I’m a bit torn when it comes to working on new ports and projects for the iLiad. The way that I can keep on putting out all these apps is because I never really fine tune them after I get them to a working state. The one exception to this is FBReader. Everything else works “good enough”. Most of the time this boils down to screen refresh issues. That really is the biggest downside to e-ink. I’ve got most of the refresh code figured out, but putting a refresh in everywhere it’s needed is a very tedious and time consuming process (depending on how the original program was coded). Someone at iRex had mentioned that they may work with the Gnome people to change this.

Getting back to my original point, I need to keep moving and working on new things to keep my interest. I apologize to those who would like high-quality production ready releases. But if I started focusing on the little things, I myself would give up. Most ports I do because it’s something that I want or need on the iLiad. And once they’re “good enough for who it’s for”, that’s when I call it done. Maybe someone whith more patience and a bit less ADD can work on the small stuff. ;)