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Building Gnome Libraries for the iLiad

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I’ve decided to tackle the task of building the gnome libraries for the iLiad.  Many (most?) GTK programs require at least libgnomeui in order to run and compile.  Before, we’ve been limited to the programs that only depend on the GTK bindings.  However, with new, and more complicated programs it seems that I have no choice but to setup at least a part of gnome.


The most difficult part of this is the many libraries of Gnome and it’s dependencies.  I need libgnomeui which depends on gconf which depends on orbit, which needs the newest pkg-config.  This is just one of the dependency trees I have to go through.  I’ve attempted to use jhbuild which builds gnome and it dependiencies from CVS, but unfortunately, something is wrong with my automake.  This means I can only use the ./configure, make, make install scripts.


Once this is complete though, it opens the door for quite a few new iLiad applications.