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On a "Adam's Booster Pack"...

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I’ve had a few requests for a “Booster Pack” that contains all of the apps I’ve ported for the iLiad.  This is a good idea, however, packaging is the toughest part.  Since there is still no agreed upon way to package applications for distribution on the iLiad, I’ll just use the most agreed upon ideas and use /usr/local for a path and symlink that to the memory card.


However, in order to associate files with the correct extensions in the contentlister, changes have to be made to er_registry.txt.  This is risky, and coding a script to modify it automatically is difficult.  As it is, I need to repackage all of my applications into ipkg format.  From there, I will start keeping track of dependencies and then setup an ipkg feed on mobileread.  This will be a good amount of work, and something I don’t really want to start until the unbrick package is available from iRex.  I’m pretty care-free when it comes to working with the internals of my own iLiad, but for others, I’m no longer willing to take the risk.  Until iRex releases the unbricking package (hopefully in 2.9.10 in June) I don’t think I’ll be setting up any more 3rd party apps.