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I'm Bored

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My iLiad now does everything I need it to do.  I san simply copy every file from my network drive at work onto my iLiad and read it without reformatting.  That was really my only goal when I started to play with programming on the device.  Doc, XLS, PDF, html, txt, etc all work without a problem. 


I’m running out of ideas for useful applications to port.  Some desktop apps are nice, but really aren’t all that usable on the iLiad because of the e-ink display.  There are a few formats that I’d like to be able to read, cbr/cbz is one of them.  But the one native GTK program I found (cbrpager) has some issues with the toolbar on the iLiad.  Other programs require Perl, which is something I’ve never used before and don’t know if I would be able to make any progress on.


I need some new applications and new functionality for the iLiad.  It’s great yes, but it’s boring without more cool apps.