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Quiet Lately

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I haven’t posted here in a while.  It’s been pretty quiet as of late.  Right now, I’ve come to a stopping point waiting for iRex to make another move.  There are a few apps I’d like to release as installation packages, but they work with the root file system.  I’d also like to start compiling a group of libraries and other ipkg’s so that the iLiad can start tracking dependences for user created programs.  Also, it will be nice once iRex adds package support into the contentlister.  Once unbricking support is added (I don’t imagine it’ll be too long now), I’ll start posting more updates and some of the teasers I’ve only posted pictures of.  I’ll also post the calibration tool installer I’ve created.


If you have any specific applications or ideas for one that you would like ported, let me know.