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Comic Strip Downloader

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I’ve created a comic strip downloader for the iLiad. It uses the site to download the day’s comics.

There are two versions of it.

Automatic Daily Downloader

Manualy Initiated Downloader

The Automatic version is for more advanced users who have the unbricking package. It uses cron to setup an automatic daily download. With this version, as long as your iLiad is connected to the internet at 8am, your comics will be ready for you.

The Manual version is for the Average Joe. When you slect the program, it will check to see if it’s updated today. If it has not, it will automatically open the connection manager, and download the day’s comics. When finished, it will open FBReader and display the comic page. If it has already downloaded, it will simply open FBReader with the comics.

Whichever you use, it’s a very cool way to read comics and show off some of the potential of the device.