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Waiting for My iLiad

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Things have been pretty quiet on the iLiad front for me lately. Right now, my iLiad is at iRex’s repair facility because of Screen Burn and Excessive Ghosting. I wanted to get it taken care of before my warranty is up in December.

I do have some things in the pipeline that will be pretty cool. I’m helping port and test the Feedbooks Downloader. There were a few font issues, and it needs a status bar, but overall it’s a very cool program and will add a lot of functionality to the iLiad.

I’m also working on porting the updated version of FBReader with support for the .epub standard. In addition, I’ll be modifying the installer so that you can open up supported books directly from the contentlister.

AbiWord and Gnumeric will be updated as well with an installer and Contentlister support.

There should be a lot of excitement after the 2.11 release.