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So I got this email today:

Dear Mr. Boeglin,

Thank you for your email.

I would like to inform you that we replaced your battery. The device has been repaired and was send to you on the 11.09.2007.

Your repaired device has been send to the following address:

Kind regards

Technical Support Centre
iRex Technologies

They didn’t mention the screen repair, but since that was the main issue on the ticket, I’m sure it was reolved since they did not say otherwise. I had shipped my iLiad last Wednesday, after it was already in the mail, I emailed iRex support asking them to look into my battery issues. I’ve only been able to get ~6 hours on a charge, and never receive the low battery warning. I expect to receive my iLiad today or tomorrow. With a new battery and a screen that doesn’t have burn-in or excessive ghosting, it’ll be like a brand new device!

I just wanted to say thanks to iRex for their great support! This is the second time it’s been sent to them (first was a brick that was my fault). Both times I’ve had great communication and fast shipping. I know some haven’t had as good of luck as I have, but I have only praise for them.