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iRex Reader 1000

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Details are starting to emerge about iRex’s new reading device lineup.

There will be 3 10.2 ince devices. One base model, one with the touch screen, and the third with wifi, bluetooth, and 3g.

This is exciting news. I’ve always wanted the iLiad to be a little bit bigger. I mostly use mine for business purposes (notes in meetings, reading documents, etc). A bigger screen will be great for a paper alternative. Especially if the device will be able read more documents natively.

It’ll be interesting to see the device and user interface. I assume they’re going to use the same software for the touchscreen and non touchscreen versions. Maybe they will have more buttons and a scroll wheel like the kindle, or maybe use context menus like the cybook. Time will tell.

I do know for sure that I intend to buy the top level unit with all the bells and whistles. I’ll have to start saving now though… I do intend to keep developing and porting for the platform. This is going to be an exciting time.

A quick overview of what we know:

  • Name: iRex Reader 1000
  • 10.2 Inch Screen
  • eBook (Mobipocket?), PDF, Word, and html support (probably others)
  • Stylus input (wacom?)
  • 60-70 hour battery life
  • 3 Versions
  • Base – $650
  • Touch Screen – $750
  • Touchscreen + Bluetooth, Wifi, and 3G, $850
  • 16 levels of greyscale