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Jump to Conclusions App

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Anyone who knows me, knows I have a certain obsession with the movie office space. I have a few red Swingline staplers, Initech coffee mugs, and various T-Shirts.

I decided that I was in need of a “Jump to Conclusions” app for my phone (for those difficult decisions). If you don’t know what this is, it’s based on the Jump to Conclusion mat described by Tom Smykowski as a “Mat that you put on the floor, that has different “conclusions” written on it that you can “jump” to”.

While some claimed it was a horrible idea, Tom went ahead with it and built a prototype. mat

I followed his design to build my Android application. Jump to Conclusions App

Similar to the mat, you open the app, hold the phone in your hand, and jump to conclusions. It will give you a random conclusion every time.

I’ve published it in the play store:

I’m quite happy with the results.